Solved: How to Solve WhatsApp Web Not Opening on Windows PC?

Solve WhatsApp Web Not Opening on Windows PC

Utilizing WhatsApp on a PC has evolved into an essential tool for users. Initially conceived as a mobile messenger app, it has transformed into a versatile cross-platform messaging and file-sharing service, prompting the launch of WhatsApp Web.

While predominantly used for casual communication, professionals and freelancers alike rely on it for networking and collaboration, making PC usage imperative. However, some encounter issues with WhatsApp Web failing to launch on Windows.

If you’ve faced such a predicament hindering your WhatsApp Web experience, fret not. We have potential solutions to share. Stay tuned as we delve into advanced fixes to revive WhatsApp Web functionality on Windows in this blog.

Using WhatsApp WebOn PC: How is it Different Than the App?

The first question that might arise is why you should use WhatsApp Web. Well, we know there are dedicated WhatsApp applications for PCs available in the Microsoft Store. However, that does not always fulfill a user’s requirements. 

When employing the WhatsApp application on Windows, you log in with your credentials and remain logged in, occupying space on your PC and granting access to anyone using it. Conversely, with WhatsApp Web, you simply open a browser tab to access it as a website, eliminating the need for a space-consuming dedicated application. Plus, closing the tab automatically logs you out, ensuring security.

Additionally, WhatsApp Web necessitates your smartphone to be online during usage.

To use WhatsApp Web, all you have to do is

  1. Visit WhatsApp Web official, click here –
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone and go to your profile.
  3. You may find the option to scan a QR code in your profile. Also, there is a dedicated WhatsApp web feature. Tap on it.
  4. After that, use the scanner to scan the QR code shown on Web WhatsApp.

whats app qr code screenshot Solve WhatsApp Web Not Opening on Windows PC



5. Once the scanning is complete, you are automatically logged onto your WhatsApp account.

whats app code scanning

Isn’t that easy? All you have to do is visit a website and scan a code. No installation is required! The best part is your privacy is also protected. You may also log in on any PC, as using your system for WhatsApp is unnecessary. All you need is a browser. 

How to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Opening on Windows?

Considering the array of benefits, you may wonder how to address the issue of WhatsApp Web not functioning on Windows. Three potential culprits could be at play:

1. The browser being used.
2. Internet connection and coverage.
3. Mobile connectivity.

Let’s dissect each of these factors and explore possible solutions to resolve the WhatsApp Web malfunction on Windows. Let’s dive in!

1. Fixing Browser Errors that Cause WhatsApp Web to Fail on Windows

Use an Incognito Tab

First, try opening the WhatsApp Web URL in an incognito tab. This keeps all the cache and cookies away from your PC and provides a fresh platform for the website to open. It simply allows you to fix the error on your end.

Clear Cookies & Cache

If the incognito helped, you must try to fix the cookies and cache on your current browser. When these browsers have faulty cookies and cache, some web pages, such as WhatsApp Web, face issues in the opening. There are two ways to handle the situation: You can clear cookies and cache on your browser manually or use the Advanced System Optimizer to help you out.

We recommend you use the Privacy Protector module in Advanced System Optimizer, which helps you clear browser data, including cookies, cache, and history. This means your browser becomes practically new, and you are ready. Here are the steps that will help –

1. Download and install the Advanced System Optimizer.

2. After launching the app, navigate to Security and Privacy from the left pane to find Privacy Protector.

disk cleaner and optimizer module - Advanced system optimizer

3. Run the Privacy Protector by clicking on Start Privacy Scan.

click Start Privacy Scan

4. After Running the scan, you will have all the data that can be removed to maintain your privacy and clean the browser data.

Privacy Protector_scan results_browser tab_

5. Once you have all the data that can be removed, click on Clean and let the process finish.

This method is highly successful as it practically resets faulty browser data, allowing you to use WhatsApp web easily. 

2. Fixing Internet Connection & Coverage Errors

Disconnect VPN if Using

If you are connected to a VPN, disconnect it and then try visiting the WhatsApp Web URL. Sometimes, the VPN hinders establishing a simple connection. If you have privacy issues, you must ensure that you use a paid VPN server that assures regular connectivity. If you are on a free VPN, we recommend you disconnect it.

Check Connectivity

Try opening another website to be sure that your internet is working fine. You must also look on X (Twitter), Reddit, and other social discussion sites to determine if WhatsApp Web is down for maintenance, as that is also a factor. If nothing works, disconnect and reconnect your internet connection so it works smoothly. 

3. Fixing Mobile Connectivity

Ensure Your Smartphone is Using the Latest WhatsApp Application

You must have the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone. That is because WhatsApp web support keeps updating from device to device and version to version. Hence, download any pending updates in the App Store or Play Store and then try using WhatsApp Web.

Keep Smartphone Online While Using WhatsApp Web

As mentioned, WhatsApp web uses your smartphone’s data to show necessary chats and media. It is fetching data via phone to show you all the chats. Hence, if your smartphone is not connected, you may keep getting offline while using WhatsApp web. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your smartphone online. 

Once you’ve attempted all the solutions, you can utilize WhatsApp Web. Both WhatsApp applications for PC and WhatsApp Web have their respective pros and cons. Select the one that suits your needs and address any encountered issues accordingly. We trust this post clarifies any confusion. Thank you for your attention. Share this solution with your friends!.

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